Other Instances of Twining in Twin Peaks

Doppelgangers, the split, dark half of a person created when the Lodge determines you have Imperfect Courage. These beings, in a way, are part and parcel of the term Twin Peaks. Everyone has two sides to them, a good and a dark half.  We also have Deer Meadow in Fire Walk with Me.  The denizens there are shadows of their Twin Peaks counterparts. The friendly Dale counters the cold Desmond. The maternal Norma counters the discouraging Irene. The affable Harry is opposed to the horrible Cable. The citizens of Twin Peaks, though, have doubles within the town itself. Several characters have their direct doubles not in some supernaturally nebulous Lodge or a faraway clime, but right there in the town.  This will be explored through several example pairings.