Remember…Richard and…Laura?

By Amanda Medders

In S3 during Part 5, we are introduced to Richard Horne, and from my very first viewing this entire scene felt so very familiar to me. It’s taken some time, but I finally came to the realization that the familiarity I feel lies within the parallels I see between Richard and our beloved Laura Palmer.

Here are a few observations:

  1. Both of their fathers are inhabited by BOB.
  2. Both are involved with drugs and could arguably be significant players in the Twin Peaks drug trade.
  3. Both receive their drugs from a man who is involved with Shelly. (Leo/Red)
  4. Both were taken to remote locations in the middle of the night and sacrificed by their own fathers.

Additionally both characters have, what I consider, significant scenes that take place in the Roadhouse. Both are troubling in their own ways. Laura’s RH scene from FWWM is disturbing for one, because we watch as she experiences this extreme range of emotions, but more importantly, it is really the first time we catch a glimpse of her dark side. When we meet Richard in his RH scene, his dark side is on display as well (though one could argue that he only has a dark side). However, most notably similar is the way that both Laura and Richard act extremely physically and verbally (sexually) aggressive toward another patron in the Roadhouse. Laura during her interaction with Buck and Richard when he’s approached by the girl in the next booth asking for a light.

Further, I find parallels between Richard’s scene with the young boy in Part 6 and a specific (and obscure) diary entry made by Laura Palmer (from the Secret Diary). In both instances, these characters are under the influence and have gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle. For Richard, pure rage has taken him over and Laura, if I remember correctly, is consumed by lust. In both situations, these characters are inhibited by drugs and distracted by extreme emotion and in both situations, a collision takes place. While Richard’s accident is infinitely more horrific and ultimately caused much more damage than Laura’s, in my opinion, the circumstances are still similar.

I’ve been sitting on these thoughts (or perhaps half-cocked observations) for sometime now. This is primarily because I didn’t think I had enough evidence to make this case, and honestly I’m still not sure I do. Ultimately, the desire to share my thoughts won out, but to me, it feels as though something is missing. And I’m not suggesting that the two are mutually exclusive, but do other parallels exist between these characters or have I just gone off the deep end entirely?

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