‘Phillip, Is That You?’

By Cheryl Lee Latter

Jeffries walked into Gordon’s office 2 years after his disappearance, looking exactly as he did the day he disappeared, and yet Gordon’s first words were to ask if it was him.

From all we know, Jeffries’ case was only the second Blue Rose case that the Task Force had investigated, following Lois Duffy and her tulpa.

It is possible to assume that Gordon wasn’t sure if this was the real Jeffries or a double.

Jeffries himself seems to imply that Cooper may not be Cooper, but is that purely to throw suspicion off himself?

His confused and emotional state is not unlike that of Tulpa Diane. Both recount visits to the ‘convenience store’/‘gas station.’ Why would they be taken there? Did they use it as the side entrance to the Red Room, or is this the manufacturing plant for those created ‘for a purpose?’

Was this the real Phillip Jeffries, or was it just a copy?

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