Day Five – Some Of Your Friends Are Here

By Cheryl Lee Latter

From South Bend To North Bend – My Twin Peaks Trip Across the US

Today was an 11 hour drive through Missouri and Arkansas. It took longer than planned because we were tired from yesterday, so we stopped off a lot more.

There is a good reason why Lynch loves diners. There is a simplicity and a speed that is appealing. You know exactly what to expect and what you will get.

By the time we got to Iggy’s in Carthage, Missouri, we’d been on the road for ten hours. We walked in to hear Born to Run on the radio. Sitting in an authentic diner on Route 66 listening to Springsteen is the most American experience I can think of, plus the coffee and food were incredible! In fact, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

We had a Twin Peaks playlist for the trip, and it was perfect. The season 3 tunes at night, and traveling the dark lost highways to American Woman and No Stars took the music to a new level.

We arrived in Fayetteville, Arkansas to know that so many of our friends were already here, and so many others heading in. One of the most exciting things about Twin Peaks fan meetups for me is seeing the pictures of everyone making their way by car, bus, train, plane. All heading for the same destination, and all with love in their hearts. It really is the most wonderful fandom in the world.

On our way today we passed a hotel called the Lamplighter, Judy’s Diner, and drove up Garland and Sycamore to reach our accommodation. Tonight’s get-together was at a place called Damn Good Pies.

I think Fayetteville is ready for us this weekend!

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