Day Twelve: A Place Both Wonderful and Strange

By Cheryl Lee Latter

From South Bend To North Bend – My Twin Peaks Trip Across the US

On this day in Twin Peaks: Laura’s secret diary is discovered

On the Thursday, the 11th day of the trip, we made the decision to cross the border into Canada. It was the only really stressful day, as we didn’t plan that well. It was a foggy and rainy day, with not much visibility. Exciting views of the mountains were soon obscured by the weather.

It was only as we approached the border that we questioned if I would get in the country, if we needed Canadian dollars, if we would have signal for our phone GPS.

I had always wanted to visit Vancouver, and years ago, dreamt of moving there, so it seemed worth the hassle.

We did eventully get through the border controls and headed right to the heart of the city. As the day was already getting late, we literally had time to enjoy an incredible lunch near to Robson Square, and to seek out a couple of second hand book shops, then we headed back. Heading to another country just to have lunch? It seems this is the kind of jetsetters we are now!

Driving back, we got lost and were redirected up a mountain! All in all, it was a tiring day, but in hindsight, an adventure of its own!

Friday was our last day in Washington, and, sadly, my last day in the US.

There can be no better way to end a trip to the real Twin Peaks than enjoying a visit to the iconic Palmer House and the wonderful company of Mary Reber.

Mary is the owner of the house, and also the actress who played Alice Tremond in the final scenes of Season 3.

As you can imagine, driving up to this house that has been so well known to us all is a strange experience. It is exactly as you would imagine from the outside, and as with everything else on this trip, so weird to be somewhere brand new and for it to feel so much like home. 

Mary is a ray of sunshine, with a wicked sense of humour and a joyful laugh. She takes great pleasure in welcoming visitors by opening the door with the harsh glare of Alice Tremond. I actually read one fan state that they didn’t actually realise she was Alice until she opened the door this way! 

She also loves to scare fans with the fake BOB that lives in the closet in Laura’s room!

After years of Facebook friendship, it was a delight to meet Mary, and spend several hours hanging out with her, Jill, and the lovely Traci Thorpe. Mary even gave Carl and I a ride to lunch in the ‘Tremond’ car! 

The house is still very recognisable as the Palmer house, with many of the original items still here. It is interspersed however with Mary’s own good taste in original and vintage items. Twin Peaks aside, it is a lovely, lovely home. 

It was exciting to explore and listen to the stories, and so strange to be in Laura’s room with a copy of the Secret Diary by the bed.

Jill took fab pictures of Carl and I under the famous fan (which I felt really naughty for touching)!

We were also lucky enough to see some of the original art pieces that have been donated toward the domestic violence charity fundraiser in the name of Amie Harwick [Note: this auction has been postponed until a later date, but those beautiful pieces are worth the wait].

When we did head out for a little drive round the area, we passed the Hayward House, which really is walking distance away, and still is a recognizable route from Laura’s walk to school in Fire Walk With Me.

All in all, this was a wonderful afternoon, with many laughs and much discussion of Twin Peaks. Again, the weirdest thing was how normal it all felt.

If you do get the chance to visit, please be respectful. Contact Mary ahead of time, and, not that it’s obligatory, maybe consider bringing a gift. This lovely lady opens up her home in her own time, and she deserves love and presents for that!

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