Conversations with the Log Lady: Laura Is the One

Margaret Lanterman, or the Log Lady, had a connection to another world. Her otherworldly wisdom made her every word very important. Things that she said have always contained the hints for understanding those strange events happening in Twin Peaks. This is also true for her phone conversations with Hawk in The Return. In this and next few articles, I’ll focus on some things she mentions and try to make sense of what could they mean.

I’ll start with this: “Laura is the one.

This is the line said by Margaret in one of those phone conversations. But what does it mean? Is Laura the one who can save from Judy? Or can it mean something else?

One possible, and quite straightforward interpretation, perhaps, is that Laura is the crossing point of different versions, timelines, or dimensions, whatever we call them. Hence, she is the one point in time and space which is common for all versions, she is the connection.

But there can be other interpretations too. I’d like to mention now another fragment from conversations with Hawk, which took place just before Margaret’s death, and I think this makes it even more important, as she sounds like leaving a will:

Watch for that one, the one I told you about, the one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain.

We’ve seen that “one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain” on Hawk’s map. On the map, there is a symbol of something obviously so negative and dangerous that Hawk even tells Frank: “you don’t ever want to know about that”. We also know that the same symbol is on Mr.C’s card, symbol for something or someone he is looking for. And on the map, it is indeed under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain. If Mr. C is looking for Judy, then this is the symbol for Judy – “extreme negative force”.

Hawk’s map most probably has connection to what Margaret has been telling him earlier, through all those years, when they “were able to speak face to face”. This is even made very obvious by Hawk’s words: “Once again, your log and I are on the same page.” Which means that they both know about these things, they are concerned about the same things. So, there is a big chance the Margaret’s “one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain” and the symbol on Hawk’s map (as well as the symbol on Mr. C’s card) are one and the same.

But can this symbol, or entity behind it, have any connection to Laura? Margaret’s wording when she speaks about Laura and the one under the moon sounds similar to me, it gives impression that they must have connection. But does this connection imply opposition, or does it imply similarity?

If we go back in time where it all began, we’ll see that the origin was not Laura. It was the bomb and the opening of the ‘portal’ for otherworldly creatures to enter our world. And the portal was not only for evil and negative things. Because the Fireman’s palace could also be accessed through it. The bomb was release of great energy which destroyed the gates and boundaries between the worlds.

It could mean chaos. And if through that chaos some dark creatures, like “dirty bearded men” crushing heads of people and lulling them to sleep with their verse, eggs hatching into frog-moths, and Bob among them, are released, this would need something either to balance, or strong enough to contain that chaos.

As a counterpart of the Experiment’s evil seeds, the Fireman, in his palace, creates Laura’s golden orb. I believe, it would be safe to say that he thinks her up. The process creation is, I imagine, not much different from the creation of golden seeds for tulpas. The orb is thought up and Dido, with her blessings, lets it out to space through the golden pipes. This is how Laura’s good divine essence was created.

But Laura is more complicated than just that golden orb. She has earthly origin too. And it comes from Leland, who we know was inhabited by Bob, and Sarah, who swallowed the frog-moth born from the Experiment’s egg that came to the earth the same way as Bob did. This means that her human, bodily origin contains otherworldly (or divine) element too. And thus, Laura’s divine origin contains both good and evil, positive and negative. She unites the opposites. And this is why Laura is the One. She is not the one that is Good and saves the world from Evil. Neither is she the one that is Evil. But she is the one that contains both, everything.

The Experiment disgorges her ‘children’, they come out through her mouth, from her entrails, her dark insides. Bob was among them. As opposed to this, the Fireman creates his ‘child’ from the head, from the spirit. Laura has this golden, spiritual essence but she is unable of getting rid of the evil either, however hard she may try to “keep a clean house”. Because it all is part of her. She is fullness, she is the One that contains everything.

Sarah, on the other hand, is the abyss, the emptiness, sucking in everything that surrounds it. She is also a mother, earth, ground. Cooper’s attempt to bring Laura and Sarah together might be his wish to connect them so that fullness could flow into emptiness, or to express it in terms of electricity, to complete the circuit. Laura carries all the charge here. Sarah, after losing her daughter, is left without any charge.

It is not for nothing that I mentioned electricity. In my next article, I will continue my reflections on Log Lady’s words focusing this time on electricity.

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