Listomania: Recommendations Between Two Worlds

Enjoy lists? The mod team at Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds Facebook group have collected Peaks references of knowledge and unique related projects in one place for easy future browsing. We wanted to plug our favorite content rich sources. For they deserve to be further admired by the community. We’ve also included a section of our best-loved unrelated projects we thought Peaks fans might enjoy.


Carl Hershberger

Wow Lynch Wow (YouTube channel)

By Geoffrey Ciani 

Wow Lynch Wow is bar none the most thoughtfully put together Twin Peaks video series on YouTube. A great place for Twin Peaks theories!”

The Secret History of Twin Peaks (Novel)

By Mark Frost

Lost in the Movies (website)

By Joel Bocko

An excellent source of Twin Peaks essays, video diaries, and podcasts

Laura’s Ghost: Women Speak about Twin Peaks (book)

By Courtenay Stallings 

Twin Peaks Blog

By Steven Miller

Cheryl Lee Latter

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes (novel)

By Scott Frost

 “I really feel (The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper) is a fascinating way to understand the character, plus it is strangely hilarious.”

“The fact that it is written by Mark’s brother (in a way balancing out the fact that the Secret Diary was written by a Lynch family member) makes it 100% essential reading.”

The Blue Rose Magazine presents: The Art Issue

Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds group blog

Christian Hartleben

 Pop Apostle (website) episodic analyses of Twin Peaks episodes.

By Clayton Barr.

Twin Peaks Unwrapped (podcast)

By Byron & Ben.
 “…fun to rediscover the original show with as Bryon learns who killed Laura; but also that one mustn’t be intimidated by the vast hours – it’s fine to pick and choose episodes with actors you love or particular books or Lynch movies.”

Beyond Television (book)

By Andreas Halskov 

Beyond Television (book review)

Diane podcast

By Adam, Rosie, Mark, and Bob.

“…it’s a cultural survey of the ideas from history which came into existence at some point, but still have enough resonance to become stories and tropes which Lynch and Frost encountered growing up, and also those still resonating in the culture for the viewers of Twin Peaks, revealing how we received Twin Peaks.”

Diane Podcast Team Interview (25YL site)

Magda Mariamidze

Magda Mariamidze (articles)

Twin Peaks & Aztec Mythology Connections (25YLSite)

Conversations With The Log Lady: Laura Is The One

Electricity Is Humming: Conversations With The Log Lady Part 2

The Circle is (Almost) Complete: Conversations With The Log Lady, part 3

Pamela Tarajcak

Watching Twin Peaks (YouTube series)

by Wade Bradford and Mackenzie

“Wade Bradford introduces his daughter, Mackenzie, to Twin Peaks.  I love how Bradford introduced his daughter to the series in the way he has, not by going through a play-by-play of each episode but also actually insisting that she think through theories and analysis.  For a newbie, she was even blowing my “experienced viewer’s” mind.”

The Summer House At Pearl Lakes part 1

The Summer House At Pearl Lakes part 2

The Summer House At Pearl Lakes part 3

By Thor Åmli

‘It’s as close to a canon Leland backstory as we’re going to get. Besides being beautifully made.’

Kylee Karre

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (audiobook)

written by Jennifer Lynch and read by Sheryl Lee.

“…Nothing like hearing Laura’s diary in her own voice!”

Twin Peaks Sound Design Blogspot (website)

By Ross Dudle.

“A list of all the music that appears in each episode of the original series and FWWM.”

Room To Dream (audio book)

By David Lynch and Kristine McKenna

“… the printed and audiobook versions of Room to Dream are NOT the same. If you have only one, you’re missing out on the other. David winged it on his portion of the audiobook, which means there are stories in audio not in print and stories in print not in the audio version.”

Jay McCreary

Full Of Secrets: Critical Approaches To Twin Peaks (book)

by David Lavery, Patricia B. Erens

Twin Peaks Z to A (blu-ray box set)

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper:My Life, My Tapes (novel)

By Scott Frost

Original Twin Peaks Episode Scripts

“For comparison to how it ended up being shot – eg: Coop originally was in awe of Ponderosa Pines, NOT Douglas Firs”

Twin Peaks Music Archive

 Composed by Angelo Badalamenti

Michelle Hays Harkness

Room To Dream (audio book)

By David Lynch and Kristine McKenna

Mailí Ní Ghormáin

The Women of David Lynch: A Collection Of Essays (book)

Edited by David Bushmen, Concept by Scott Ryan.

Rob Ferzan

The Essential Wrapped In Plastic: Pathways To Twin Peaks (book)

By John Thorne

Diane podcast

By Adam, Rosie, Mark, and Bob

Comic con 2017 (Full Twin Peaks panel discussion)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Criterion Collection edition bluray)

By David Lynch

Twin Peaks: The Television Collection (bluray)

By David Lynch and Mark Frost

Laura Graveline

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (novel)

 Written by Jennifer Lynch

“…the book the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer by Jennifer Lynch is what Gave me the most insight into Laura and the story overall.”

Queen of Hearts (fan film project)

By Cameron Cloutier

Martin Beaverhousen

@lynch_bricks (on Instagram)

“Hi I’m Martin from Scotland. I spent years being the only person I knew obsessed with Twin Peaks. So it’s just wonderful that, thirty years later I have a whole family of like minded geeks in my world. “”Frankly I would be a fool if I didn’t plug, my baby, @lynch_bricks on Instagram.”

“It started as a strange little hobby, making Twin Peaks minifigures out of Lego (making sourdough isn’t for me.) But now it’s grown into something  I’m really proud of. One big, beautiful love letter to the show  in Lego form.” 

Marjan Kovačević Ledolom

 Lynch On Lynch (book)

by David Lynch

Corn Pone Flicks Twin Peaks All Questions Answered (YouTube series)

by Matt Murray 

RFE/RL Interview With David Lynch / ინტერვიუ დევიდ ლინჩთან (YouTube video) 

Patti Smith and David Lynch talk Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Pussy Riot (YouTube video)

David Lynch – Meditation, Creativity, Peace; Documentary of a 16 Country Tour (youtube video)


Cheryl Lee Latter

Stephen King (early novels)

“… his incredible early novels, that explore those same themes of the dark horrific underbelly of sunny suburban life.For a small-town girl from the north, these things had a lasting effect on my view of life.”

The Cure (music)

“This is music that is in my blood and speaks my soul. There are no other words to describe that connection. It’s like being safe inside in a cosy room watching storms outside…”

Sylvia Plath (short stories

“She is famous for her poetry, but her short stories, almost completely autobiographical, have a unique magic. I found a sister in her voice and imagery, so true and so honest.”

Rebecca (novel)

by Daphne Du Maurier. 

“This book encapsulates all it means to be English, and the descriptions of the south west coast take me back to all my childhood holidays. I have read it dozens of times and every time feels brand new.”

Ira Levin (novelist)

” His novels are just perfect. I can never fault a word. I can read A Kiss Before Dying or Rosemary’s Baby over and over. I aspire to be as good as him.”

Christian Hartleben

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (book)

by Douglas Hofstadter. 

“Number one big brain favorite that my friends read in high school and brought with them to college.”

“Won the Pulitzer in 1980. Probably more accessible now than then. Uses characters based on Lewis Carroll to explain self referencing systems like math, logic, and DNA.”

Kylee Karre

Fine Art by Jess Purser

Braiding Sweetgrass (book)

by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Greenwood : A Novel of a Family Tree in a Dying Forest (novel) 

by Michael Christie.

Jim Henson Traveling Exhibit

The Overstory (novel)

By Richard Powers

Michelle Hays Harkness

Sunshine Hotel (film)

Directed by Michael Dominic

 Sweet Smell of Success (film)

Directed by Alexander Mackendrick

After Hours (film

Directed by Martin Scorsese

 Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (film)

Directed by Steven M. Martin, Robert Stone

Pamela Tarajcak

All Souls Trilogy (book series)

 by Deborah Harkness 

A book trilogy written by Deborah Harkness may not be up a typical Twin Peaks’s fan’s alley, but it is my favorite book series ever, I have had to confine re-reads of it to once a year only.  Though on the surface it may seem like the “samey” vampire romance so common in modern urban fantasy, it’s not. The surface level romance of Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop includes deep dives into history, art, books, genetics, governmental corruption, and family secrets. It has compelling and intriguing side characters (sometimes I think a few of our Twin Peaks characters could learn a thing or two from some of the All Soul’s characters).  There are scenes that tear your heart out and scenes that have you rolling in your seats.  I think you would be pleasantly pleased turning to these books if you put aside some of your preconceived notions.

Hap and Leonard (television series)

by Joe R. Landsdale, Jim Mickle, and Nick Damici

‘This short lived (we know the feeling) series of three seasons, this is based on a book series by Joe R. Lansdale (also recommended) about unlikely brothers from another mother, Hap Collins (played gloriously by James Purefoy) and Leonard Pine (also played gloriously by Michael Kenneth Williams) who get into spots of trouble through their three season run.  What’s even better is that it has a Lynch lite feel to each season.  The first season gives Wild at Heart feels with even a mini-Bobby-Peru.  The second season is more Peaksy with people being not what they seemed.  The third is Blue Velvet all the way with a seemingly perfect but in all actuality corrupt small town.  You’ll also be rolling in your seats at some of the situations these fellas get themselves in.”

Loreena McKennitt (music)

“A Canadian musician, her career goes back to the 1990s.  She has a beautiful sound like you’ve stepped into a RenFaire or a Marrakech Night Market.  I love the feel as if I’ve been transported to another time and the magical/meditative aspect of her music.”

 The Slipper And The Rose: A Musical Retelling of Cinderella (film)

Directed by Bryan Forbes

‘This movie is probably my most favorite of all time.  A strict retelling of Cinderella, it actually focuses on the Prince and his Court.  With it you really get to understand who the Prince (played by Richard Chamberlain, a Twin Peaks connection) really is and why he is reluctant to seek a bride.  The court is amazing and beautifully costumed, for the women, in gorgeous robe à la française.  There is great witty banter.  You really feel for Cinderella and the tough situations she is in.  The music is original with highly literate lyrics; I mean rhyming “we” with “ennui”.’

Jay McCreary

X-Files (television series)

created by Chris Carter 

Lost (2004-2010) television series

created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof

Magda Mariamidze

Pedro Almodovar (film director)

Pain and Glory (2019)

Talk To Her (2002)

All About My Mother (1999)

Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (1988)

Law of Desire (1987)

Mailí Ní Ghormáin

Dr. Who (1963-present) television series

TARDIS eruditorum (blog)

 by Elizabeth Sandifer 

” …history of British TV through the lens of Doctor Who”

Rob Ferzan

Chungking Express (1994 film)

dir. Wong Kar Wai  (streaming on criterion channel)

Bo Burnham: Inside (2021 comedy special)

dir. Bo Burnham (2021) dir Bo Burnham.(streaming on Netflix)

 La Strada (film)

 dir Federico Fellini (streaming on Criterion Channel and HBOmax)

The Master (2012 film)

dir. Paul Thomas Anderson (streaming on Netflix)

Dune (Dune Chronicles book series)

By Frank Herbert

“This is the edition I have of the first one, I believe it’s the most recent one that’s been put to print. The sequels all have similar art styles. I really wish I could recommend God Emperor of Dune (book 4) as it’s the best one so far but I cant recommend it for jumping into the series. I believe Penguin released these editions, which is like the Criterion of book “

Laura Graveline

“I highly recommend meditation as a massively beneficial practice.”

Martin Beaverhousen

Gregory Crewdson (photograher)

 “If you love Lynch’s photography try the stunning, complicated pictures of Gregory Crewdson. My personal favourite is the Cathedral of the pines. Beautiful, unusual and filled with secrets in every panel.” 

Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime series)

Directed by Hideaki Anno

“Though one can’t live on Twin  Peaks alone. I am also a huge fan of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Giant robots battling angels and a brutally dark, twisted story.”  

The Lost Thing (2010 short film)

created by Shaun Tan

 “Finally I love and collect the illustrations of the wonderful Shaun Tan. His story, ‘The Lost Thing’ was made into a short and can be found on YouTube. Which I highly recommend.  His stories are always beautiful and bittersweet.”

Marjan Kovačević Ledolom

Gravity Falls (television series)

created by Alex Hirsch 

Rusty Lake (game)

Flatland (novella)

 by Edwin A. Abbott

The Prisoner (1967 television series) 

created by Patrick Macgoohan, George Markstein

The Book of Bantorra (2009-2010) anime series

created by Toshiya Shinohara

Carl Hershberger

The House With Laughing Windows (film)

by Pupi Avati 

“A great small town murder mystery/horror film set in early 1950s northern Italy. Atmospheric and creepy with a looming sense of dread similar to Wicker Man or Rosemary’s Baby.”

Dark Shadows (Television series 1966-71)

created by Dan Curtis

“I love this series as much as I love Twin Peaks. It is an episodic daytime Gothic romance/horror tv drama that was produced five days a week and performed live on tape.  Set in an isolated upper east coast town in Maine, US. Jonathan Frid’s vampire Barnabas Collins is a 1960s icon.”

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